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“From the first session I felt at ease.  The atmosphere and environment created helped me feel that I was safe and secure there, that I could openly express myself without any negative judgements or without criticism.  Paula was extremely sensitive to my needs, comforting, kind and encouraging but also honest.  She has been exactly what I have needed and guided me so that I can actually feel like I have a future, that I enjoy things once again.  With helping me build foundations, now I actually am feeling some self worth, pride and confidence again.  The communication during the sessions helped me to make decisions, align my thinking, bring focus back to my life and set myself achievable goals.  I am truly grateful for all the support I have been given and will never forget this.”

“I went for counselling to help me with some issues I had and I was helped to get through those bigger issues but really by sorting out the smaller things I hadn't realised were there.  Paula was patient and so kind to me.  She made me feel like I was important, she truly cared about me and my life.  Some of the methods she used were so interesting and helped me see things about myself I had never known.  I began to see what I needed to do to be a happier, more confident person.  I feel very grateful that counselling has had such an effect on my life.”

“After a stay in hospital, a friend advised me to visit a counsellor.  I found Paula to be warm, genuine, non-judgmental and caring and she helped me make positive changes.  In every session she showed concreteness and genuine concern.  I was relieved that I finally found someone who could see things from my point of view and who wasn’t on a mission to drown me with her knowledge on addiction and analyse why I acted the way I did but was there to listen and see things from my perspective.  And so from my counselling experience I would recommend it for anyone feeling isolated or alone.”

“For a very long time I was on my own with my negative feelings.  I tried to overcome them many times, but the more I tried to replace them with positive thoughts, the more difficult it was.  I also thought that compared to the real problems of others what was happening in my mind was trifling and therefore not worth mentioning.  Only when I realised that it had subdued my life did I decide to seek help.  Conversations with Paula in a warm and nice atmosphere brought relief to me.  It was very surprising to find out that the way to free myself from those problems was completely different from what I had imagined.  I did not have to wait long for positive results.  What I appreciate most is not only professional help but also the understanding and warmth I feel.  I am very thankful.”

“I went to see Paula while having to face the trauma of my childhood.  She was so understanding, sympathetic and very supportive.  I felt confident that Paula was really with me in getting through those dreadful memories, exactly what I needed at that time, I cannot thank her enough.”

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