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Self-Exploration through Expressive Arts  - 3-day retreat


“It was just magical!”

“The retreat was quite simply a life-changing experience.”

‍ “Paula's skills as a facilitator, as well as her kind compassionate presence, provided a safety net where I could feel vulnerable and supported.”

I have come away from your retreat carrying a precious giftI have reconnected with myself and the world around me in a very special way.

“Paula, the three days were the most insightful, magical, deeply moving, and, most importantly, interesting and fun days I've had in a long time.”

“I know that I’ve made some friends for life”

“It was both emotional and transformational”

“The setting was magic, perfect location, great atmosphere.”

“I’ve never had an opportunity to tap into the creative side of me for this kind of work before and embracing what flowed out of me was unrecognisable.”

“The retreat was just a mighty experience from start to finish!”

“When I think back on the weekend, I can't help but smile and forever be grateful.”

“Words fail to describe the magical space”

“Thanks again Paula.  You have a special gift with drawing the best out of people who get involved in your training.”

“The food was excellent and I would be quicker to book to stay over the next time.”

“I hope you continue to offer these retreats Paula.  I definitely would put it in my calendar every year!”

“You provided, not alone a safe space, but also a magical environment.”

“It was a surreal and wonderful experience.”

The venue helped with the total immersion into nature but its the beautiful connection to beautiful humans that did the real healing.

“It was perfectly paced.”

“I’m grateful beyond measure.”

“Embracing the creative side of me opened a whole new world.”

I have tried to think of anything I could add or gift you for improvement in retreats going forward but really couldn't think of any!  You can’t improve on perfect.”

“I am wistful at the whole experience I had - it was wonderful.

“Feeling emotionally and physically held and experiencing being truly cared for was other-worldly.”

“I feel like there has been a shift within that has helped me become unstuck.”

I look forward to my next escape into mindful self-development.

“I’ve laughed more the last few days than the last few months. I’ve made a conscious effort to immerse myself in life’s adventures.”

“I am so grateful to have finally met you and to have you provide a safe space for me to share my story and receive support on my journey.”

“I spent wonderful, special time with beautiful, like-minded souls.”

“There were ah-ha moments and moments when I was terrified and I was held and supported through it all.”

“You really have a unique skill Paula of tapping into a person’s soul.  I’ve never met anyone quite like you.  You’re a very special person, and we are lucky those of us who have been blessed to have you as part of our lives.”

“The group size was just right. It gave me the space and time to share, learn, and grow.”

“My feedback is entirely positive, and I would not be able to offer any real direction on how something so special can be improved.”

“I will be eternally grateful to you, Paula.”

“You have such a remarkable gift of holding a safe, accepting space Paula”

“If we could capture the lovely supportive energy and safe space that is created and transfer it to our everyday lives, life in general would be so much easier to navigate”

“There is such powerful healing and support in that space that I didn't want it to end”

“I can't wait to do another retreat as I can see how much it has helped and is continuing helping me”

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