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Wellbeing and Communication Workshops

for corporate settings, employee development and other groups


A series of four-hour workshops inviting participants to reflect on their own wellbeing and communication skills.  A direct correlation is made between how well participants know and care for themselves and their capacity to communicate effectively with those around them.

Group numbers:  All groups will have a maximum of 16 participants.


While drawing on the foundational work of Carl Rogers, William Glasser, Abraham Maslow and Marshall Rosenberg, these workshops are not simply academic.  They are designed to engage participants fully, making the material relevant and practical.  This kind of experiential learning has a very real impact upon participants and has a durability beyond the four hours of each workshop.  

Group numbers are kept small to ensure that all present have an opportunity for self-exploration and involvement and workshops will be tailored to the needs of specific groups.

Delivery Format

All workshops can be delivered online via Zoom.  All participants will need good internet access and a private and quiet space.  It is expected that all will have their camera on and be ready and willing to engage with the group.

Sessions can be delivered 9:00am - 1:00pm or 1:00pm - 5:00pm, weekdays or Saturdays. 


The cost of each workshop is calculated for specific groups.


If you are interested in booking this workshop for your employees or group, please email me to discuss your needs and to arrange dates.


To be arranged directly with your company or group.



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